We still have three pups available to the right home/farm…. two males and one female.  They are eight weeks old and will be ready to go to their new homes in two weeks (if flying)  If local, they are ready to go home now.  I tell them every day that someone special awaits them;)  Cheers! PS, they love children!

We keep (and now raise) purebred Maremma  LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs) on the farm and in the vineyard to protect our sheep and fowl from predators. Our first Maremma was a majestic male named Dan who joined us as an adult in 2002 and sadly departed in 2011. Dan had a regal quality about him that is still hard to define to this day.   He was the king.

In 2008 we brought in a female puppy named Bella from Windance Farms in northern NY.  She was Dan’s constant companion and adopted his excellent guarding skills.  She is beautiful and has settled down to a loving mother of seven pups, born Nov 2, 2014.

The sire to this adorable litter is our one year old male, Luciano, whom we got just about a year ago from Peavine Hollow Farm  near Charlottesville, VA. “Lucci” is active, loving and full of spunk, and his guarding skills were there from the beginning. He has been raised to protect not only the sheep, but the guinea fowl, chickens and cats (who don’t need much protection!).  He is a proud papa, but Bella has made him keep his distance until the pups have grown a bit.  In the images below, Lucci takes a celebratory swim after the birth.  And he and one of the pups are introduced nose to nose.. adorable!.  You can see his massive size as he stands up on the fence to greet us.  He is a great one to roam freely on the farm, visiting everyone and everything!

And then there are the pups!! Born on Nov 2, 2014, they will be going to homes/farms, preferably to a farm that has livestock to guard, as that is when they are the happiest and most well adjusted.  They need room to run and are not considered an indoor pet.  They are working farm dogs, but also are very much family companions if introduced to family at a young age, as these pups have been.  They will be ready to go by the end of Dec/early Jan. We have four males and three females.  Feast your eyes on these adorable little beings.


Maremma Puppies For Sale – $800, includes first shots, de-worming, micro-chip and veterinary exam

If you are interested in purchasing one of these pups, please contact us at or phone 434-922-7678