Our Family

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Maintaining a busy veterinary practice in Virginia Beach while creating a rural vineyard and winery has been quite a journey for us.  We came to these pastoral, rugged Blue Ridge Mountains from the city in 1999, not to escape the urban life but to add balance to our lives, to nurture our relationship with the natural world, to find a little peace and calm.  That didn’t last long.  Soon there were sheep, dogs, gardens and orchards and before we knew it, a vineyard.

Dennis still practices veterinary medicine at our Virginia Beach animal hospital, where Christine was the practice manager before assuming her viticulture responsibilities.   Dennis oversees the business aspect of the farm and vineyard while tending to the animals, and Christine cares for the vines, and is responsible for the management of the vineyard and tasting room.  Nathan, our son, is our winery manager and is responsible for all of the winemaking. With guidance from our award winning winemaking consultant, Matthieu Finot, Nathan is learning the art and science of crafting fine wines.

Our three daughters support the venture in their own ways and it is our hope one or more of them will someday be able to become an active part of this family endeavor.  In the meantime they are providing us with some beautiful, loving little grand children who are already finding their way amongst the vines.