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An Unexpected Journey

Serendipity. We knew the meaning of the word, but we never thought we would live a story spun by its beautiful, magical web, weaving us into this pastoral place and unexpected life in the mountains of Virginia, crafting a fine Pinot Noir wine—an impossible feat in hot, humid Virginia. How in Bacchus’ name did this all happen?

We purchased this untamed mountain land with the intention of one day turning it into a retirement retreat after leaving our veterinary practice in Virginia Beach, where Dennis was a veterinarian and Christine, a former nurse, was the practice manager. We never anticipated we’d be growing grapes and making wine! When a small spot of land was accidentally cleared on our forested mountain, we faced a decision on what to do with it. After much discussion within the family, conversations with future wine industry colleagues, bringing in renowned ampelographer and vineyard consultant, Lucie Morton, and paying attention to many subtle nudges, we decided to undertake the challenge and plant a small vineyard on this cooler, rocky, steep-sloped site. But, what to plant?

With Lucie’s guidance, we decided on pinot noir, the Burgundian grape that does well in cooler climates and well-drained soils. We were met with dire warnings from fellow growers who had planted pinot noir in the past. "Pinot Noir does not grow in Virginia," they said, "not well enough to craft a fine wine, at least." Back then, the Virginia wine industry had not fully recognized the importance of matching grape variety to place. Ankida Ridge has since played a role in elevating this discussion. Our first vintage, the 2010 Pinot Noir was received with high accolades, much to our delight! The rest is history.

This story is best shared over bottles of wine, around a fire, on the beach, or relaxing on a mountaintop under the stars. Here we are, living a vineyard life and running another family business—this time with our son Nathan as winemaker—high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Amherst County, Virginia. From the beginning, we affirmed that family is most important. Let the business fall into place behind the love, respect, and importance of family. We embrace that to this day.

Cheers to serendipity, paying attention, perseverance, and family! We welcome all of you to visit and become a member of our extended family… our Ankida Ridge Wine Family.

Christine, Dennis and Nathan Vrooman

Experience the essence of Ankida Ridge with every sip. Step into Virginia wine country with an amazing tasting experience at Ankida Ridge. Discover our diverse wine portfolio, featuring the finest Reds, Whites, refreshing Rosés, vibrant Sparkling’s, and complex Blends. Each tasting session is a journey through the unique terroir and meticulous craftsmanship that define our vineyard. As you sip on our carefully crafted wines, enjoy breathtaking views that our mountainous location can provide. Embrace the essence of Ankida Ridge with every taste.

Where Heaven and Earth Join…

“Ankida” is an ancient Sumerian word describing the place “where Heaven and Earth join,” and we feel this place is about as close as one can get. Ankida Ridge offers a unique vantage point from its perch on Chestnut Ridge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We welcome visitors to enjoy not only the views and the wines, but the peacefulness as well. Come explore our farm and taste our unique wines in the comfort of our Tasting Room or from the panoramic vista at our Overlook where you will experience the serenity of the natural world and a sense of calm, here where heaven and earth join.

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Discover an array of unforgettable experiences awaiting you at Ankida Ridge Vineyards. From enchanting events nestled in the heart of the mountains to vibrant celebrations within the local community and beyond, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery with us.

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At Ankida Ridge Vineyards, joining our Wine Club means more than just exclusive wines; it means becoming part of a family. As a member, you'll gain privileged access to some of Virginia's most esteemed wines and become an integral part of a community that cherishes the art of winemaking. Here's what awaits you as a member of our extended family:

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Become a part of our wine-loving community and experience the passion and dedication that go into every bottle at Ankida Ridge. We can't wait to welcome you!

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A Bedrock of Brilliance

“Beauty begets beauty” at Ankida, both in the ground and above it. Soil plays a predominant role in the structure of grapes, their vines and ultimately the wines.  This slide is a microscopic slice of our vineyard soil that feeds the vines.  Formed for over 600,000 years as part of the Appalachian Mountains, the second oldest mountain chain on the planet, this soil is a testament to nature's enduring power and the impact it has on the wines we craft. This ancient, weathered igneous rock of charnockite granite contains a complexity of quartz, pyroxene,  feldspar converting to clay and other minerals too numerous to mention here.  


Arriving Fall 2024

Authored By Ankida Ridge Vineyards' Founder Christine Wells Vrooman
Book Title: "Terroir Of A Dream - Vines of Vision, Cultivating Passion and Purpose in Virginia"

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Journey through our vineyard's bounty with a simple click. Delve into our collection of Reds, Whites, Rosés, Sparkling's, and Blends below. Each icon a portal to a world of flavors, crafted with care from the heart of Virginia's wine country in Amherst. Cheers to discovery!

Ankida Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Experience the depth and intensity of our red wines. With flavors ranging from bold notes to subtle hints of spice and everything in between, our reds are perfect for any occasion, whether a cozy dinner or a celebratory gathering.

Ankida Chardonnay


Refresh your palate with our crisp white wines. Featuring floral aromatics, zesty citrus notes, and a clean finish, our whites are ideal for sipping on a warm day or pairing with light, flavorful dishes.


Rosé of Pinot Noir

Delight in the delicate balance of our Rosé wines. Crafted for those who appreciate a softer, more nuanced profile, each bottle offers a beautiful blend of light fruit flavors with a dry, elegant finish.

Ankida Brut

Blanc de Noir

Celebrate the moments that matter with our sparkling wines. Bursting with effervescence and a fine bouquet, our sparklings provide a festive touch to any celebration or a special sparkle to everyday life.



Explore the artistry of our blended wines, where each varietal's strengths are united to create something truly spectacular. These blends are crafted to showcase the harmony and complexity that can only be achieved by expertly marrying different grapes.


Patiné (PAH-teen-ay, French for "weathered")- Golden-colored dessert wine made from 100% Chardonnay, aged and weathered in neutral-oak barrels outside in the elements of all four seasons for five years. Rich notes of butterscotch, peaches and honey with citrus overtones.

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