“SENSES & SEASONS” at Ankida Ridge

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Join us in celebrating the four seasons of Ankida, where you will immerse yourself, walk with and connect to Mother Nature using your five senses. This lovely journey of self-discovery will allow you to experience the natural world in a unique and personal way as you enjoy your own “Allurement Walk,” where Mother Nature becomes your guide and constant companion.  Facilitated by Michele Zehr, founder and executive director of the “Center for Earth-Based Healing,” Michele will guide you on how to re-connect to your own internal wisdom as Mother Nature “draws you” to the places she wants you to see. Before heading out on your walk, Michele will offer you some exercises you can do, in your own way, place, and time on this beautiful land of Ankida, where heaven and earth join.

All sessions will include a visit to the vineyard and a guided discussion by Ankida’s owners on the stage of the vineyard’s life during that particular time of year.  After our walk, we will gather and enjoy a cup of tea made from plants grown indigenously on the mountain. Sessions will end with a light meal, wine and conviviality as we share experiences of our Allurement Walk and forest immersion.

Four sessions – 1-5pm
April 20 – Spring: Earth Comes To Life
July 27 – Summer: A Bountiful Time
Nov 2 – Autumn: A Colorful Good-bye
Jan 25 – Winter: A Time of Rest

  Limited to twelve (12) participants each session
•   Attendance to all four sessions is recommended to achieve the full experience. Sessions are transferable to another if unable to attend a particular session.
•   Book all four sessions or individual dates, but reservation preferences are given to “Four Season” subscriptions and to Wine Club members. Rain or shine. No refunds 2 weeks prior to session.
•   Price includes:
       Guided sessions
       Facilitated group discussions
       Nature Walk
       Vineyard tours/lesson by Ankida owners
       Meal with wine
•   Prices: All Four Sessions: $250. Single Session: $75 each

 Wine Club members receive a 20% discount and will receive preference in placement


Michele Zehr is founder and executive director of the Center for Earth-Based Healing, a local non-profit organization that offers free ecotherapy (nature-based) programs for trauma survivors. You can learn more about her work here:

Experience for yourself this place named Ankida, where heaven and earth join.


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