• 37°42’ N x 79°10’W
• Blue Ridge Mountains, Amherst County, Virginia
• Elevation 1700 – 1800ft with steep SE aspect
• Ancient, weathered granite soils over 500,000 million years old
• 6 acres under vine on site

Our site is unique to Virginia viticulture, given our high elevation and extremely rocky soils. This created many challenges in the planting of our vines, sometimes needing heavy equipment with jack hammers to create the holes for planting. As difficult as the planting was, we know that these well-drained, rocky soils will give us fruit of a very high quality, given we typically receive high amounts of rain or snow throughout the year.

We are more than a vineyard. We are a farm that incorporates the use of our animals in the vineyard. We are a forest and recently experienced a forest fire that crept to within 20 ft of our home and up to the vineyard fence, spreading to cover over 11,000 acres in the George Washington National Forest behind us. We are forever indebted to the firefighters who worked so hard to save our home and vineyard. They are true heroes.

“We worked for over a year removing rocks from our 4 acre expansion site adjacent to our original block. This granite bedrock is over a billion years old. The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges on the planet. We had to jackhammer and pulverized for planting in some places, exposing the granite to the light of day for the first time in a half billion years. It decomposes into a beautiful schist-like soil, allowing for beautiful drainage, an advantage for our wet climate here in the Mid-atlantic, especially when growing thin-skinned pinot noir.”