• Pinot Noir –planted in 2008 & 2017, 4.25 ac (mostly Dijon clones)
• Chardonnay – planted in 2008 & 2017, 1.5 ac,
• Gamay- planted 2017- .25 acre
• At our neighboring leased Mountain Terrace site- 2.5 ac Chardonnay

We planted our vines with a density of 3x6ft in the initial site and 3x7ft in the 2017 planting. We train our vines with VSP Vertical Shoot Positioning canopy management and are meticulous in canopy care. Everything at our vineyard is done by hand. There is no mechanization. This allows us to carefully monitor and inspect all stages of vine growth from bud-break through harvest.

We cannot be organic because of disease pressures on vinifera grapes specific to the Mid-Atlantic, but we try to be as close to organic as we can. We include the use of biodynamic preps in the vineyard and in our compost which we make here on the farm. We practice sustainable viticulture, intervening as little as possible in disease and pest management and using our farm animals to assist in that practice. Chickens and guinea fowl assist in insect control, cats tend to rodent pressure and are a bird deterrent, the sheep graze and massage the vineyard floor after harvest and our dogs protect these nicely tempered animal employees, as well as protect the fruit from varmints as it ripens. The symbiotic functioning of all of these animals, along with the well-trained and caring people in the vineyard is a beautiful way to enhance sustainability and provide a pleasant, and often entertaining, work environment.