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Nurturing Nature For Sustainability

A Tribute to Soil

“Beauty begets beauty” at Ankida, both in the ground and above it. Soil plays a predominant role in the structure of grapes, their vines and ultimately the wines.  This slide is a microscopic slice of our vineyard soil that feeds the vines.  Formed for over 600,000 years as part of the Appalachian Mountains, the second oldest mountain chain on the planet, this soil is a testament to nature's enduring power and the impact it has on the wines we craft. This ancient, weathered igneous rock of charnockite granite contains a complexity of quartz, pyroxene,  feldspar converting to clay and other minerals too numerous to mention here.  

To highlight the vital role our soil plays in our wines, we designed our wine labels to honor the soil. Each label's artwork reflects the soil and displays a reference to the wines’ attributes or a story that is interwoven with it. Look closely, and see if you can connect the description, the story with the art created specifically for that wine.

We are grateful for this beautiful, porous soil that allows us to grow pinot noir. And we like to think that our wines are as beautiful and complex as the soil that sustains them and the views that surround them.


At Ankida Ridge, our sheep play a vital role in our sustainable farming practices. Beyond their woolly charm, these gentle grazers help maintain healthy vineyards and reduce the need for mechanical mowing, promoting biodiversity and soil health.

Guardian Dogs

Our devoted dogs are more than just companions—they're protectors of our vineyards and livestock. With their keen senses and unwavering loyalty, they ensure the safety and well-being of our animals and property, allowing us to cultivate a harmonious ecosystem.


Our free-range chickens are the unsung heroes of our farm, providing natural pest control, fertilizing our soil with their droppings, and supplying us with fresh eggs. Their presence enriches our vineyard environment and contributes to our commitment to sustainable agriculture.


The buzzing presence of our honeybees is a testament to our dedication to pollinator health and biodiversity. Through their tireless work, they pollinate our vineyard flowers and contribute to the growth of healthy fruit crops, ensuring the continuation of our vineyard's natural cycle.

Working With Nature

We emphasize biodiversity by planting cover crops and perimeter flowers, fruit trees and a small vegetable garden in the vineyard grounds, all providing habitat for beneficial insects (and healthy snacks for the workers). We use our sheep at designated times to graze the vineyard floor, thus weeding and fertilizing our low-nitrogen soils. We have bee hives for pollination and keep chickens and guinea hens to feast on the insect pests. Bluebird houses and Martin houses are there to help with the bugs as well. Proper canopy management is essential to keep the air moving around the leaves and grapes, thus lessening the fungal disease pressures.

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